With the cream of the crop at our disposal, we rely heavily on the expertise of our team to create something we can all be proud of. We have hand picked each member to ensure all avenues have been considered, giving you perfection as an end result.
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John Leedale - Principal & Sales Director
John's ability to create the perfect working environment is based on the attitude that if it isn't fun don't do it. He is the force that all aspire to. His business savvy and technical knowledge are unmatched in the industry. The whole package together works in creating a leader this industry desperately needs. John is actively involved in every aspect of the company and thrives on making sure perfection happens every step of the way.
Tess Adamski - Production Director / Estimator
Tess has enough love for everyone. Her talents go BEYOND print!


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Brendan Cormican - Creative Director
Brendon has 17 years of creative experience. He is one of the most talented designers in the city which is evident in his work here and around the world. His fresh new ideas are the quickest way to increase the exposure of any growing company. His sole purpose in life is to make people happy and through his attitude, personality, and work he is truly successful.
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